Shamley green

A refurbishment of an old industrial barn into thee dwellings.

Eastcote Lane

A new residential project in Harrow comprising 46 apartments, basement and new private gardens has been submitted for planning.

Henhurst Lodge

A new sustainable contemporary house in Mole Valley.

Langton Way

A new proposal for a private house in Blackheath. The existing house is to be extended to provide additional accommodation. At the same time, the interior is being remodeled and opened up to create new vertical and horizontal spaces. To combine the new and old a new timber ribbon wraps the building.

Courtyard house

We have been asked to look at a replacement dwelling on a beautiful south facing site in Horsham.
The new house responds to the landscape focusing on a large Oak tree to the East. The house orientates itself to the south maximising the views and the south facing sun. A new courtyard to the North will be formed by the new house and the out buildings. A large garden flows to the south.

Mono house


We are currently working on a large retro fit and new build to an existing 30's house in South London. The project creates a series of contrasting insertions framed with black metal cladding and vertical timber. The angular nature reflects the existing bays of the house and the Monochrome nature provide a contrast between the new and old, a sort of positive and negative.

Wood view

We want to create a new eco-friendly home that is sympathetic to the local context and the
Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
We are aiming to pay special attention to the conservation of its scenic beauty and to provide a
modern take on a traditional house, using a sustainable timber frame construction.

Meadow bank

Conceptually, the house is envisaged as a series of timber louvred jewel boxes linked by a ribbon of glazing which runs from ground floor and into the roof plane. This separation of the elements with the glazed circulation not only allows for views through the house, but also splits up the forms and so makes the house seem lighter.


We want to create a new eco-friendly home that is sympathetic to the beautiful countryside with a

Flitch house

A new timber and glazed addition, with recycled brick abutments.

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