Williams residence

Williams residence

We have been commissioned to design a new house on a sloped site overlooking the estuary in Leigh-on-Sea.

The site is a wonderful place to build a new family home, the south facing aspect opens onto the sea and is surrounded by trees to the North and West. We have proposed a semi sunken house with a very clear servant - served and private - public arrangement. Areas such as utility, plant and W.C are sunken at ground floor into the site with a green roof over. This helps reduce the visual appearance of the house in a conservation area and also takes advantage of the sloping site.

The living spaces, out door terraces and kitchen areas all face outwards to the South and the sea, solar shading and balconies at first floor provide shade from the sun. The more private and quiet snug is separated from the family, noisy areas by a glass link and a white stone fireplace. At first floor the glass link is used to contain a bridge and staircase between the floors and also the more private master bedroom and the children's/guest bedrooms. Again, the wet areas are located to the rear and North elevation.

Architecturally, the diagram is expressed with a mix of textured and smooth white rendered glazed volumes containing the living spaces,. bedrooms and a feathered timber element for the bathrooms and dressing areas. The timber feathered screens providing privacy and shading from the East and west sun. At night the rear timber sections will glow like a lantern with the occupancy of each room providing shadow and light.

The landscaping has been considered as part of the house, to the rear there is a new flat lawn which is at bedroom level. either side of the house are a series of terraced meadows which flow down into the front garden and then down to the existing orchard.

The project has been submitted for planning and conservation area consent.