Wood view

Wood view

We want to create a new eco-friendly home that is sympathetic to the local context and the
Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
We are aiming to pay special attention to the conservation of its scenic beauty and to provide a
modern take on a traditional house, using a sustainable timber frame construction.

The house has a complimentary form with that of its neighbour’s with a series of pitched roofs and gables facing the street. This follows from the existing dwellings roof form and that of the local
vernacular and Architecture.

The new proposal sits on the same foot print as the existing dwelling, and still maintains the detached nature of the plot, with views still available to the side of the house. The new house also sits within the site topography more than the existing house. We have dropped the level internally when entering the rear living spaces, thus opening the house to the garden more and allowing more natural light to fill the spaces.

At ground floor, there will be an entrance, roughly in the middle of the house with a rain canopy above, this canopy links to the car port and provides a horizontal link between the house and carport. The entrance opens up into a double height space with a bridge link above. To the left a utility and boot room and the to the right a guest bedroom and W.C/bathroom.

At the end of the entrance hall a set of steps lead down into the living spaces and the garden. An open staircase leads off to the right up to the first floor.

The rear of the house as a more contemporary glazed feel with a kitchen, dining, living area and study. A brick clad chimney and fireplace sits to the end of the living space.

At first floor, the building is split into two wings via a bridge link through the double height space.
To the East the master bedroom and master bathroom, dressing room with views out to the rear
garden and sliding windows. The West there will be the children’s bedrooms with a shared playroom, overlooking the double height void.

Conceptually the house has private to public relationship vertically, with private spaces on the first floor and more public open spaces on the ground floor. A servant served relationship places the wet spaces to the south side of the house and the served spaces to the rear all facing and overlooking the garden and views.